Available on server: Relaxed Running

Speed record bySpeedSet on
sjn|Fetus1583qu/s1 year ago
PosPlayerTimeReltimeSet onScore
1night11.22s0.9991 year ago998
2>>dzy11.23s1.0001 year ago967
3eof.homs11.61s1.0341 year ago800
4sjn|Fetus11.62s1.0351 year ago792
4sulfur11.62s1.0353 months ago790
6Curse Starwind11.63s1.0361 year ago778
7Kawumm11.64s1.0371 year ago774
8<j'o)n)a)h><11.65s1.0381 week ago682
92B4DF11.68s1.0406 months ago673
10[nM] Donald11.70s1.0422 years ago667
11amnesia42011.73s1.0451 week ago662
12Yes!Froid11.74s1.0464 months ago652
13matuka11.75s1.0471 month ago643
14morozofuss11.76s1.0481 year ago640
15Visse.exe11.78s1.0493 months ago634
16AKIMOLY11.80s1.0511 week ago629
17ELYHW11.81s1.0521 month ago616
18Mario Bianchi 11.83s1.0541 year ago600
19malice 11.84s1.0551 year ago579
20[BOT]Klaspes11.87s1.0571 week ago573
20[BOT]SeeK-y11.87s1.0571 month ago573
20POLENBÖLLER11.87s1.0572 years ago573
20[BOT]Grunt11.87s1.0573 months ago573
24Manat11.88s1.05810 months ago512
25bendy***11.90s1.0601 year ago510
26[BOT]J. R11.91s1.0612 weeks ago394
27RAINBOW SHADOW11.94s1.0641 week ago380
27kjk11.94s1.0641 year ago380
2911.95s1.0655 months ago298
30otes11.96s1.0651 year ago297
30[DMND]St47ik11.96s1.0658 months ago297
32GypsyJew11.98s1.0671 year ago295
33>>fjonkie12.01s1.0701 year ago286
34[slashy]12.04s1.0733 months ago286
35Rudolp.h12.06s1.0741 year ago286
36yung gunna 🔫 12.07s1.0755 months ago285
37Avalanche12.15s1.0821 year ago284
38DEATHSBREED12.16s1.0831 year ago282
39xolid12.29s1.0955 months ago278
40S1q312.33s1.0988 months ago273
41silence axg12.34s1.0993 months ago271
42☣☣WINSALOT☣☣12.43s1.1073 months ago262
43 PanDemoNium12.55s1.1181 year ago258
44522522512.64s1.1261 month ago256
45WEEDNASDAY12.65s1.1271 year ago253
46wınd12.68s1.1301 month ago247
46Juhu12.68s1.1309 months ago247
46C ☻ ☻ L !12.68s1.1303 months ago247
49Weedlord Bonerhitler12.70s1.1311 year ago244
49[BOX] ox12.70s1.1318 months ago244
51GFX12.72s1.1331 year ago230
51LoverIslinn12.72s1.1331 year ago230
51sjn|impsy12.72s1.1331 year ago230
54Wuzzy puzzy12.73s1.1341 year ago223
55=eNe= 12.74s1.1351 year ago221
55Sexy Commando12.74s1.1353 months ago221
57blatantsquirrel12.75s1.1364 months ago214
58e12.76s1.1371 year ago213
59z0mgZz12.78s1.1395 months ago207
59КTANGЄNS!;12.78s1.1393 months ago207
61❤KAY12.80s1.1407 months ago203
62AriosJentu12.82s1.1425 months ago200
62[BOT]Hotdog12.82s1.1422 weeks ago200
64Hitter^12.84s1.1449 months ago197
65dondo12.85s1.1451 year ago195
66>>typhoon❤12.87s1.1471 year ago194
66τнє siєτ τigєr12.87s1.1475 months ago194
68Ferreus12.97s1.1558 months ago190
69C|aymore Prophes12.98s1.1565 months ago185
70X13.04s1.1621 year ago183
71dork13.08s1.1651 year ago179
72red green blue13.13s1.1701 year ago164
73BARBY13.63s1.2145 months ago157
74JaBloye13.65s1.2161 year ago155
75p13.97s1.2451 year ago148
76NUCLEARFOG14.04s1.2516 months ago141
77psyx | SpiKe14.06s1.2531 year ago140
78CARA14.08s1.2542 years ago137
78541e293h14.08s1.2545 months ago137
80YouMustMike14.58s1.2992 weeks ago129
81WIZARD🌌⚡🔥 🔥the King of Fire...15.37s1.3691 year ago117
82ZeeM15.58s1.3885 months ago113
83❲◤00◢❳16.65s1.4831 year ago109
84qaz16.73s1.4912 weeks ago105
85DadFromBaghdad17.35s1.5461 year ago100
86[matu]18.13s1.6152 weeks ago97
87Raiden The Walrus18.84s1.6791 year ago92
88me19.32s1.7212 years ago87
89R A U F S S E N19.73s1.7581 year ago85
90 Libz ☢19.84s1.7683 months ago81
91cxc23.65s2.1071 month ago75
92DESTOAR 1111111124.14s2.1511 year ago72
93p.i.226.45s2.3572 years ago69
94ZACARIAZ😈👽🔫☢☠🔥🌍☣😞26.52s2.3631 year ago67
95ALI🔫🔫27.78s2.4751 year ago65
96Chaitrali 12 ❤❤❤❤❤31.96s2.8485 months ago62
97VAN38.34s3.4172 years ago60

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