Available on server: Relaxed Running

Speed record bySpeedSet on
[S]Komier1692qu/s1 year ago
PosPlayerTimeReltimeSet onScore
1[S]Komier12.60s0.9991 year ago1031
2Mikan 12.61s1.0002 months ago1010
3sjn|Fetus12.81s1.0161 year ago913
4[nM] Donald12.83s1.0182 years ago883
5sulfur12.96s1.0281 month ago836
6Curse Starwind13.06s1.0365 months ago797
7[BOT]SeeK-y13.17s1.0451 month ago753
8morozofuss13.20s1.0471 year ago737
82B4DF13.20s1.0475 months ago736
10barney13.23s1.0502 years ago717
11eof.homs13.28s1.0534 months ago697
12ELYHW13.31s1.0563 weeks ago688
13LoverDekry13.32s1.0571 year ago659
14 PanDemoNium13.33s1.0571 year ago656
15<j'o)n)a)h><13.35s1.0595 months ago625
16Vоki.DTG13.36s1.0602 years ago622
17Visse.exe13.40s1.0631 year ago608
18POLENBÖLLER13.54s1.0741 year ago581
19[DMND]St47ik13.56s1.0768 months ago575
20malice 13.57s1.0762 months ago567
21?\rolf13.63s1.08110 months ago554
22[slashy]13.68s1.0851 month ago544
23L◤ imited.13.73s1.08911 months ago534
23amnesia42013.73s1.0893 months ago534
2513.75s1.0911 year ago526
26Yes!Froid13.88s1.1012 years ago495
27[BOT]Grunt13.92s1.1041 month ago488
28Mario14.03s1.1132 years ago463
28***14.03s1.1131 year ago463
30haze14.23s1.1292 years ago427
31Rudolp.h14.25s1.1301 year ago414
32dondo14.29s1.1341 year ago409
33matuka14.36s1.1393 months ago386
34[BOT]Hotdog14.62s1.1601 month ago366
35[BOX] ox14.64s1.16111 months ago359
36AKIMOLY14.73s1.1698 months ago347
37vista14.75s1.1701 month ago345
38vr4m14.85s1.1789 months ago334
38ZeeM14.85s1.1785 months ago334
40pV.Hero14.90s1.1821 year ago312
41Juhu15.08s1.19610 months ago301
42◥☠◤15.09s1.1972 years ago299
43leonura15.14s1.2011 year ago297
44/🔥/ Steak (SMB) /🔥/15.16s1.2031 year ago282
45C ☻ ☻ L !15.20s1.2062 months ago265
46Mario Bianchi 15.24s1.2091 month ago263
47kougi.exe15.25s1.2102 years ago262
48Shishigami15.40s1.2221 year ago255
49Gouldron15.52s1.2314 months ago218
50otes15.53s1.2321 year ago216
51Thorec15.58s1.2361 year ago215
51522522515.58s1.2361 month ago215
53RAINBOW SHADOW15.63s1.2401 year ago212
54Sexy Commando15.66s1.2422 months ago212
55🔥unfreundliches Feuer🔥15.67s1.2431 year ago210
56floxy!15.80s1.2532 weeks ago207
57uLtiMa15.83s1.2562 years ago204
58[GER] SchnitzelKönig15.87s1.2592 years ago202
59astrosnail15.95s1.2651 year ago196
60S1q316.17s1.2831 year ago193
60xolid16.17s1.2835 months ago193
62KraXXXel16.28s1.2921 year ago189
63wınd16.29s1.2921 year ago186
64WEEDNASDAY16.32s1.2951 year ago185
65DEATHSBREED16.40s1.3011 year ago182
66Bitterman16.43s1.3035 months ago181
67☣☣WINSALOT☣☣16.71s1.3261 month ago173
68GFX16.90s1.3411 year ago171
69Sweet Jesus16.96s1.3465 months ago168
70A_K17.00s1.3492 years ago166
71Dude17.03s1.3515 months ago158
72Weedlord Bonerhitler17.22s1.3661 year ago156
73sinety17.25s1.3692 years ago152
74[!]stup!dus17.37s1.3782 years ago151
75=EBS= KentOne 🌌❇❈↑17.57s1.3941 year ago148
76TheCaspper1618.50s1.4681 year ago140
77escanor.18.85s1.4965 months ago134
78psyx | SpiKe18.92s1.5011 year ago130
79Wolf-Snipe19.14s1.5191 year ago127
80idle Sponsored by Google Pixel19.17s1.5215 months ago123
81WIZARD🌌⚡🔥 🔥the King of Fire...19.25s1.5271 year ago119
82Squiddy 19.35s1.5352 years ago116
8319.65s1.5592 years ago113
84X20.00s1.5872 years ago108
85[KKT]20.52s1.6282 years ago106
86Pluto134🚀20.85s1.6542 weeks ago102
87Ataìse~22.45s1.7812 years ago98
88zBION1C.PD23.49s1.8642 years ago93
89wrath_25.21s2.0002 years ago87
90T-Skittle25.62s2.0332 years ago84
91<nade type=''napalm''>25.66s2.0361 year ago81
92Mariarty🔥26.50s2.1038 months ago78
93Fantara the assasinator😈26.64s2.1144 months ago76
94l3arn_91ff🔫28.75s2.2815 months ago72
95fuck me30.40s2.4122 years ago70
96YISRAELDOV30.43s2.4152 years ago68
97204831.15s2.4722 months ago65
98Arvo43.07s3.4181 year ago61
99Play_Force49.89s3.9592 years ago58
100EH50.12s3.9772 months ago56
101BartQ 🌍56.86s4.5123 weeks ago54
102❲ABMC❳☢SiLLiE^x86F😒GUYthUndER1:00.23s4.7801 year ago53
103XPDBunnx1:02.88s4.9904 months ago51
104SamF☠1:14.51s5.9132 years ago49

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