Available on server: Relaxed Running

Speed record bySpeedSet on
>>dzy1932qu/s1 month ago
PosPlayerTimeReltimeSet onGlobalRelaxed
1>>dzy19.07s0.9961 month ago12131204
2Termuinator19.14s1.0031 day ago11631154
3sulfur19.26s1.0095 months ago11181110
4Makmak19.27s1.0101 month ago11041096
5ash.19.43s1.0183 months ago10481040
6[S]Komier19.44s1.0191 year ago10151007
7Curse Starwind19.48s1.0219 months ago1000992
8Ignatius19.52s1.0231 month ago974966
9[nM] Donald19.53s1.0242 years ago950942
10Vert19.55s1.0251 day ago944937
11Mikan 19.56s1.0251 year ago917909
12ambient19.58s1.0262 weeks ago904896
13eof.homs19.59s1.0271 year ago897889
14sjn|Fetus19.64s1.0292 years ago884876
15<j°o)n)a)h><19.68s1.0314 months ago868860
16eof.OP319.69s1.0327 months ago857850
17NutellaBrötchen19.76s1.0361 week ago840833
18amnesia42019.80s1.0383 months ago831823
19enko19.92s1.0441 year ago803797
20malice 19.94s1.0454 months ago783776
21[BOT]SeeK-y19.96s1.0461 year ago777770
22ѕilent20.01s1.0492 weeks ago766759
23Modester20.03s1.0508 months ago716710
24Visse.exe20.05s1.0511 year ago710702
25sinety20.06s1.0511 year ago707699
25?\rofl20.06s1.0512 years ago707699
27BOMBERMAN20.09s1.0532 years ago701693
28+morosophоs20.11s1.0541 year ago694685
29yes20.15s1.0569 months ago689680
30bananovenc20.20s1.0591 month ago670661
31AKIMOLY20.21s1.0598 months ago661653
31P Ankh20.21s1.0594 weeks ago661653
31BangoG20.21s1.0591 day ago661653
34Vоki.DTG20.26s1.0621 year ago584574
34Des❤🎗20.26s1.0621 month ago584574
36ELYHW20.35s1.0671 day ago571562
36[xtzy]20.35s1.0673 years ago572562
36[DMND]St47ik20.35s1.0671 year ago571562
39Käsebrot20.39s1.0692 years ago539530
40Zenitsu20.40s1.0692 years ago537528
41 PanDemoNium20.41s1.0701 year ago536527
42vr4m20.43s1.0711 month ago528519
43**2337**20.44s1.0711 week ago519510
44XPC3220.46s1.0722 years ago513504
45k?v20.50s1.0747 months ago446453
46vista20.59s1.0793 years ago439445
47Mario Bianchi 20.64s1.0821 day ago426432
48❤ → 😒20.65s1.0823 years ago423428
48◥☠◤20.65s1.0823 years ago423428
50Inside20.84s1.0923 weeks ago414418
51wınd20.86s1.0931 day ago411415
52uLtiMa20.87s1.0943 years ago409412
53 /+++ 🌌 ƬƬƝ 🚀 ---afk20.92s1.0971 month ago386388
54Juhu20.93s1.0971 year ago382383
55LoverIslinn20.95s1.0982 years ago382383
56bang!20.96s1.0995 months ago379380
57 L121.00s1.1013 years ago376378
58azrus21.08s1.1051 day ago374375
59resist21.13s1.1082 weeks ago372373
60Big Bavarian Wewurst21.23s1.1132 years ago367368
61kougi.exe21.25s1.1143 years ago366367
62Weedlord Bonerhitler21.34s1.1191 day ago354355
62silly dwarf21.34s1.1191 month ago354354
64ks.Rydzyk 21.38s1.1211 year ago328328
65Mester21.41s1.1221 day ago325324
66DEATHSBREED21.43s1.1232 years ago314312
67Dude21.48s1.1261 year ago310308
68temp_name21.50s1.1271 year ago305303
69 C☻☻L ! 21.53s1.1283 years ago303301
70[BOT]Klaspes21.86s1.1462 years ago296294
70>>typhoon❤21.86s1.1462 years ago296294
72=EBS= KentOne 🌌❇❈↑21.87s1.1463 years ago293291
73ZeeM22.00s1.1531 year ago272270
74GFX22.04s1.1552 years ago269267
75C|aymore Prophes22.12s1.1592 years ago263261
76[BOX] ox22.13s1.1602 years ago259257
77whatisxonotic22.23s1.1659 months ago256254
78S1q322.25s1.1662 years ago252250
79Superiumentarius22.48s1.1781 year ago248246
80Kawumm22.53s1.1811 year ago236233
81Axi🌌m22.60s1.1851 month ago235232
82Desh82322.62s1.18611 months ago216214
83Jar-El22.99s1.2051 month ago200198
84anime girl23.07s1.2093 months ago195193
85BratWurst23.27s1.2202 weeks ago193191
86☠V1RU5☠23.42s1.2281 year ago180178
87[!]stup!dus23.43s1.2284 months ago172170
88[BOT]proraide23.47s1.2302 years ago169167
89Hypur❤23.50s1.2321 year ago164163
90xfcıгRαŋjı23.55s1.2342 years ago161159
91wengo23.56s1.2353 years ago159157
92NUCLEARFOG23.70s1.2421 year ago151150
93404 Player not found23.74s1.2447 months ago149147
94z0mgZz23.97s1.2562 years ago142141
95=eNe= 24.07s1.2622 years ago141140
96Winssssalot24.27s1.2722 years ago139138
9724.52s1.2851 month ago138137
98X24.58s1.2883 years ago133132
99floxy!24.71s1.2951 year ago131130
100rainman24.72s1.2963 years ago130129
101n00bster25.06s1.3141 month ago122121
102pp25.51s1.3371 year ago118117
103GERRO25.59s1.3411 year ago113112
104AriosJentu25.71s1.3481 year ago108107
105[BOT]Ramses26.25s1.3762 years ago107106
106QuekZ27.71s1.4537 months ago104103
107Zilor | GMD27.74s1.4541 year ago102101
108W28.07s1.4712 years ago9897
109Tux228.25s1.4815 months ago9796
110Beethoven 👽👽28.42s1.4901 year ago9493
111DEADBLACKCLOVER28.58s1.4981 year ago9190
112ruskey28.72s1.5062 years ago8887
113MolkyPolky28.82s1.5111 year ago8584
114 9yo #Everyone deserves to liv...28.91s1.5151 day ago8281
115SATANBURGER29.73s1.5583 years ago7978
116wAly30.05s1.5752 years ago7675
117Cock Curry30.82s1.6161 year ago7473
118SlimMorbo31.71s1.6621 year ago7272
118mikey31.71s1.6621 day ago7272
120Mitch🔥32.03s1.6792 years ago6867
121nahu32.13s1.6841 year ago6665
122strelow33.89s1.7771 year ago6463
123❳|7sıηs|мµѕιcgoαт|❲33.99s1.7823 months ago6262
124_4ecHo4ok_34.52s1.8101 year ago6161
125p.i.234.54s1.8113 years ago5959
126🔥NDUJABOY🔥34.90s1.8301 year ago5857
127weergman35.00s1.8352 years ago5656
128Molesto35.52s1.8621 year ago5555
129usharet35.57s1.8651 month ago5453
130HALL🌏W3D35.82s1.8782 years ago5252
131P.I.1☣35.85s1.8793 years ago5151
132TIRIZ37.18s1.94910 months ago5050
133Monstre49.99s2.62111 months ago4847
134alwaysnegative58.87s3.0871 month ago4646
135Grog1:23.87s4.3984 months ago4544
136😲😲😲1:27.61s4.5942 years ago4343
137a1:30.62s4.7511 year ago4242

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