Available on server: Relaxed Running

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>>dzy2065qu/s1 year ago
PosPlayerTimeReltimeSet onGlobalRelaxed
1>>dzy22.21s0.9951 year ago11271119
2[S]Komier22.32s1.0041 year ago10771069
3[nM] Donald22.34s1.0052 years ago10621054
4sulfur22.50s1.01311 months ago10171010
5eof.homs22.59s1.0171 year ago993985
6sinety22.81s1.0272 years ago925918
7Curse Starwind22.91s1.0312 years ago893887
82B4DF23.05s1.0371 year ago853847
9malice23.12s1.0401 week ago829823
10barney23.15s1.0423 years ago819813
11sentient living mortal23.18s1.0431 year ago803797
11[BOT]SeeK-y23.18s1.0431 year ago803797
13Mikan 23.27s1.0471 year ago776770
14[BOT]Mirio23.45s1.0551 year ago739734
15sjn|Fetus23.46s1.0562 years ago730723
16ambient23.69s1.0661 year ago685680
17amnesia42023.70s1.0673 months ago683678
18Paul23.72s1.0671 month ago679674
19enko23.75s1.0691 year ago668663
20Visse.exe23.78s1.0703 years ago659653
21Vоki.DTG23.92s1.0763 years ago636631
22Des❤🎗23.93s1.0773 months ago628623
23ash.23.96s1.0781 year ago616611
24pV.Hero24.07s1.0832 years ago603598
25[DMND]St47ik24.09s1.0841 year ago563558
26bananovenc24.23s1.0901 year ago544540
27yes24.25s1.0913 years ago541536
28Juhu24.28s1.0931 year ago534529
29nd24.36s1.0962 months ago528523
29❤ → 😒24.36s1.0963 years ago528523
31Modester24.37s1.0971 year ago509504
31sovietcat24.37s1.0972 months ago509504
33**2337**24.42s1.0991 year ago504499
34[xtzy]24.53s1.1043 years ago492487
35 L124.57s1.1063 years ago479474
36Mario Bianchi 24.58s1.1063 years ago477472
37vr4m24.65s1.10910 months ago467462
38[BOX] ox24.69s1.11110 months ago460455
39NutellaBrötchen24.70s1.1122 years ago439434
40 C☻☻L ! 24.76s1.1143 years ago437432
41ZeeM24.80s1.11610 months ago427422
42uLtiMa24.85s1.1183 years ago410404
43Inside24.87s1.1191 year ago387382
44kougi.exe25.00s1.1253 years ago381376
45temp_name25.08s1.1292 years ago367362
45AKIMOLY25.08s1.1291 year ago367362
47BangoG25.09s1.1292 months ago363358
48◥☠◤25.13s1.1313 years ago359354
493xta5y25.17s1.1332 months ago357353
50Zenitsu25.23s1.1351 year ago343338
51ks.Rydzyk 25.36s1.1416 months ago340335
52Wuzzy puzzy25.37s1.1422 years ago336331
53z0mgZz25.43s1.1442 years ago322317
53xolid25.43s1.1441 year ago322317
55Käsebrot25.47s1.1462 years ago301297
55522522525.47s1.1461 year ago301297
57r4nd0mG4m3r25.76s1.1593 years ago290286
57ѕilent25.76s1.1593 weeks ago290286
59Avalanche25.80s1.1611 year ago278274
60 /+++ 🌌 ƬƬƝ 🚀 ---afk25.81s1.16210 months ago275271
61Winssssalot25.85s1.1631 year ago274270
62[!]stup!dus25.93s1.1671 year ago269265
63reth26.23s1.1811 year ago253249
64NUCLEARFOG26.38s1.1871 year ago232228
65>>typhoon❤26.42s1.1892 years ago222219
66ELYHW26.47s1.1911 year ago221218
67Dude26.53s1.1941 year ago220217
68Jar-El26.59s1.1973 months ago218215
69DEATHSBREED26.70s1.2022 years ago212208
70BARBY26.90s1.2111 year ago209206
71Weedlord Bonerhitler26.93s1.2123 months ago204201
72[]Shittey27.20s1.22410 months ago199196
73TolyProg27.33s1.23010 months ago195193
74A_K27.35s1.2313 years ago183180
75GFX27.40s1.2332 years ago170168
76X27.45s1.2353 years ago169166
77escanor.27.55s1.24011 months ago165162
78Sx27.87s1.2543 months ago155152
79KraXXXel28.12s1.2661 year ago149147
80doszgep28.51s1.2832 years ago146144
81(Frozen)Wizard 🔥🌌⚡ 28.66s1.2902 years ago137135
82undefined28.87s1.2991 year ago132130
83S1q329.18s1.3132 years ago130128
84͏ g͏e͏r͏a29.52s1.32911 months ago129127
85yallG😁😁😁😁😁29.89s1.3451 year ago122120
86Midryen (Simbolique) 30.08s1.3542 years ago118116
87SOMEGUY-laptop32.85s1.4792 years ago107105
88Vengeance33.84s1.5231 year ago104103
89☢😊😒34.67s1.5611 year ago9998
90Faker🔥35.16s1.5831 year ago9493
91x86Cow37.52s1.6896 months ago8988
92Agzo Xe Davi39.80s1.7912 years ago8584
93satan40.98s1.8452 years ago8180
94🔥sebok504🔥43.55s1.9602 years ago7877
95smol_snake❤43.65s1.9653 years ago7574
96lichking☠☠44.39s1.99810 months ago7171
97Retroactively47.19s2.1246 months ago6968
98sniper-MANN🔫⌖❈48.85s2.1992 years ago6766
99antsuke4250.06s2.2532 months ago6463
100MrOmegaIsNotBad ❲ DarkSide ❳52.17s2.3481 year ago6362
101BEN_SHAPIRO55.58s2.5022 years ago6161
102sam18081:14.57s3.3571 year ago5857
103Alex the sleyar🌌1:17.63s3.4952 months ago5656
104❳|7sıηs|мµѕιcgoαт|❲1:35.15s4.2841 year ago5454
105MrsNaive ❲ Dark Sige ❳1:40.10s4.5061 year ago5353
106Distortion1:59.13s5.3631 year ago5251

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